Worldwide Map
Locations of our internet audience, and where Bibles and teaching materials have been shipped.

Recording Of Sunday’s Message
Messages uploaded each week can be downloaded in MP3 format and shared through Email, Facebook, and Twitter, and are used for CD and DVD distribution.

Bible Drive
New and used Bibles and ministry materials are shipped overseas to those without the Word of God.

Messages are uploaded to this external site with a world-wide audience.

Messages, Bible stories, and other media are uploaded on a regular basis.

This social media outlet helps our friends here and overseas stay up to date with all of our recent uploads.

Cutting It Straight
A talk show hosted by Niketa Wharton, with Pastor Bruce David Bell, where the issues and concerns of our times are examined in the light of the Word of God.

Our gospel tract "Predicting The Future" has been translated, and is available, in various languages from around the world.

A testimony from one of our partners in Africa.

Comcast Community Access TV
Chesterfield County
Channel 17
Wednesdays @ 9AM

SD Cards
Micro SD cards with our Bible teaching, talk show, and Bible Stories are being distributed worldwide.

Bible Stories
Bible Stories are dramatized in a contemporary style for both adults and children. Available electronically or on CD.
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